What is The Letter?

The Letter is what is says on the tin: 1+ letters from me every month. The Letter began as being entirely about my writing life, but since the appearance of a little person in my life and some deep artist recovery that saw me torch my company’s brand, The Letter has become something more.

In the Letter, I explore life, art, business. It’s the side-lines, shiny things, joys, fears, failures, successes, and adventures.

It’s designed to give you a few moments of space in which to breathe and enjoy a moment that isn’t that crazy, tangled bunch of things you “have to get done”.

In it I allow myself space to celebrate and share, and occasionally shine a light on the trickiness of parenting, of art, of business.

Follow, read, enjoy.

If you love it and are a regular please email me to tell me! And if it suits you, throw some coins in my hat. The universe works on reciprocity after all: There are no trees without soil, and no soil without leaves falling from the trees.

xx Leticia

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